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president - Elrena Mitchell

Elrena has extensive experience in proposal writing, project and grant management, business operations and management of important projects for the Navajo Nation government and communities. Projects range from rural community planning and development, fiber/wireless infrastructure, rights-of-way acquisition, and housing development. She has served as a project manager for the Department of Information Technology as well as a construction supervisor for the Housing Services Department. She has also served as a utility engineer for the Navajo Housing Authority.

Elrena has experience working as an engineering draftsman and a land surveyor for organizations in Arizona and New Mexico and has been involved with the Navajo Nation Strategic Housing Task Group as well as many other Navajo Nation organizations. Elrena owns Blue Horse Energy, LLC and is majority owner of Nasbah Technologies, LLC, both Navajo Nation Limited Liability Companies. Elrena is a member of Economic Development Consultants, a New Mexico LLC, of which she is part owner.

Ryan Jolley, PE

Ryan has 16 years of extensive experience in project design and construction management engineering. He has managed a wide variety of project types including roadways, bridges, dams, culinary water systems, wastewater systems, storm drain systems, site development, and vertical building construction. His involvement with local governments, contractors, suppliers, and federal agencies allows him to facilitate large and small projects alike.

He has significant experience in working with the Navajo Nation to coordinate construction and permitting efforts.  He is currently the Project Manager for multiple projects for the Navajo Nation throughout Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.  Through his work on these projects, Ryan has gained a good understanding of the coordination needed to manage projects with the BIA and the Navajo Nation.  Understanding this process has proven beneficial to Navajo Nation departments and chapters as they design and construct projects on the Navajo Reservation. Some of Ryan's experience with the Navajo Nation include Navajo Mountain to Oljato Road Feasibility Study, Navajo Mountain Water System Evaluation, San Juan County Navajo School Bus Route Improvements, and Navajo DOT Roadway Improvements.

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Scoot Flannery, PE

Danny “Scoot” brings 16 years of construction management and engineering experience. His areas of expertise include project management, budgeting, project planning, scheduling, and site design. Scoot has worked for the past year as a project manager for several projects in the Four Corners area including civil design for San Juan Health Services in Blanding, UNHS Clinic in Montezuma Creek (both located in Utah), and Southwest Memorial Hospital Ambulance Building in Cortez, Colorado.  He has additional experience in concrete, earthwork, general construction and framing, and provides a strong background in project estimating and plans and specifications.

Located in Monticello, Utah, Scoot has lived and worked in Southeastern Utah for over 20 years and knows what is required to deliver successful projects and be responsive to client needs.  Scoot served as project engineer for the Navajo DOT hydrologic and hydraulic analysis design and report; the San Juan County Transportation Master Plan and project lead on the San Juan Transportation SSD Monticello and Blanding road improvements project.